Membership Levels

Gold Members, Silver Members, Honorary Members, Associate Members and Lifetime Members

GOLD LEVEL: Gold Members shall be present owners of a Yacht and shall have full membership rights. “Owner” is defined as the legal owner or owners of a Yacht. Each Yacht shall have one vote.

SILVER LEVEL: Silver Members shall be those persons who currently do not have a vessel defined as a Yacht under Article IX, but currently have a power or sailing vessel which contains a head. Silver Members shall have all membership rights except voting.

HONORARY: Honorary Members shall be former members of the Club who no longer own a Yacht, but have maintained an
interest in Yachting activities. Such Honorary Members shall have all membership rights except voting.

ASSOCIATE: Associate Members shall be those persons who have been recommended to the membership committee by the Executive Committee for Membership and who are nominated by the Membership Committee and approved by a majority of the voting members. Associate Members shall have no rights except the right to attend functions.

LIFETIME: Lifetime Members shall be those persons presently holding life membership and others who may be nominated by the Executive Committee and approved by the majority of the voting members at the annual meeting. Dues shall not be paid by said Life Members.

JDYC mississippi wi bridge
Mississippi River Sunset

We appreciate your interest regarding membership in the Julien Dubuque Yacht Club. As a member of JDYC, you will have the opportunity to get involved in Club sponsored events during the year.

Every member who joins the club will be given a copy of the by-laws. These rules ensure stability, continuity, and structure of our club. It is important to read and understand so all members follow the by-laws.

Download the Membership Brochure for perspective Julien Dubuque Yacht Club members. It's an all inclusive piece that describes our club, membership levels and activities. The JDYC application is included.